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About Us

Bringing to you a refined selection of the finest made savoury and sweet dishes from around the world. From French Crepes to Belgian Waffles to Italian Gelato and New York bagels, all prepared and delivered to your doorstep in the freshest way possible with a unique delivery experience.

Our founder Shourrya Sachdeva believes that childhood experiences shape who we are today. His passion for food since childhood lead him to pursue culinary studies at Les Roches, Switzerland. He got motivated to enter the Indian culinary space with the thought in mind to provide comfort food to the Indian doorstep.

Team Crepe-fe

The Founder


Our founder studied culinary arts at Les Roches, Switzerland. Through Crepe-fe he aims for his customers to be able to have comfort food prepared in the most hygienic and unique way.

Head Chef


Our Head chef brings a wide experiece of food from working across many cuisines. He had over 16 years of experience and has worked with a Michelin star restaurant.

Gelato Expert


Our gelato expert has been churning out ice creams for over 10 years. He believes that gelato is for for everyone.

Crepe Chef


Our crepe chef is always excited to try out new flavours and recipes! We call him our crepes-pert. He has been whipping up desserts for over 5 years.

Waffle Chef


Our chef is a perfectionist when it comes to his waffles! He makes sure you hear that crunch sound on every bite.